4 Days (In/Out) Siem Reap+Phnom Penh

4 Days (In/Out) Siem Reap+Phnom Penh

Price (p/p) from: RM808

5 Days (In)Phnom Penh+ (Out)Siem Reap

5 Days (In)Phnom Penh+ (Out)Siem Reap

Price (p/p) from: RM875

4 Days Beijing

4 Days Beijing

Price (p/p) from: RM590

5 Days BeiJing

5 Days BeiJing

Price (p/p) from: RM730

  • 4 Days (In/Out) Siem Reap+Phnom Penh
  • 5 Days (In)Phnom Penh+ (Out)Siem Reap
  • 4 Days Beijing
  • 5 Days BeiJing
  • 5 Days ShangHai / Hangzhou / Wuzhen / Suzhou / Wuxi



Take a photo before swim at clear water Mulu. Water very cool and clear make my whole body feel fresh. Mulu is a nice place with many flora and fauna looks green and natural.

Aloria Glaccy 19. JAN, 2014

we are very satisfied with the packages to china from twtmiri, we have brought to many interesting places in china

Micheal Shaun May. 30th, 2014

Finally, our adventure trip 3D2N  Mulu Caves at Mulu National park finish on day 2. In our trip, we was observe million of bats out of cave, using the boat made by the Mulu people and swim at clear water spring. We feel tied during the trip, but tied was disappear when we start getting closer to the finish trip. This is a photo with great smile before we leave the cave. 

Lavenda Yong 23. Aug, 2014

After lunch we proceed to Park HQ  for a visit to Deer and Lang’s Cave. Before we move, check all requirement for trip because, we will trek along the plant walk ( 3 km) through the rainforest and explore trek Deer and Lang' Cave. There we feel natural green life air, flora and fauna beauty and observatory for the phenomenon of BATS out of the cave.

Chrisie UK 6. JUN, 2014

After we finish heard a briefing under the mountain, then we start climbing the mountain Kinabalu, We are starting with walk by stair and already feel it will be a hard and extreme trip. Finally we finish the trip climbing mountain Kinabalu with full Extreme and very high trip.

Mark 11. JUNE, 2013

Annyeonghaseyo, 1st Korea language that i been learn when im travel to Korea. I'm very interested in Korean culture trasional like clothing, dances and village made ​​me feel very calm. I  also have been eat a lot of delicious Korean food like kimchi, Grain Dishes, kimbap and more. Go and try travel to Korea, annyeong

Romeela Afisiolas 31. Mar, 2013

Tahun ini kami sekeluarga telah memilih Gunung Mulu yang terletak di Sarawak. Kami telah memilih package 3D2N dari TWTMIRI. Kami sekeluarga sangat gembira dan segar dengan keindahan flora dan fauna Mulu walaupun ada berasa sedikit keletihan. Sangat berterima kasih TWTMIRI kerana menyediakan package yang sangat baik dan harga yang berpatutan. Thank you.

Siti Wahidah 19. May, 2014

I heard that if you wanted to see monkeys or the hornbills, best time would be the 7am tour. Because my son too naughty playing in the trip until there at 8.30am and no animals or birds - however the main attraction for this are actually the lovely trees. The walk to the skywalk is all on boardwalk. No torches are needed, but i recommend that you wear sneakers/shoes and not hiking boots or sandals. You need a good footing on these bridges.

Suzuki Yuri 16. FEB, 2014